Inner Mirror Healing Arts

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Reiki Certification
Embrace The Healer Within You... 

Inner Mirror Healing 
offers certification in each Reiki degree and Kundalini Reiki. 
At each degree (level) students receive a Reiki manual for that degree, 
class and hands on training (table) time,
and on-going support.

First Degree: (Reiki I) Reiki I is about healing self and "physical healing".(Body) I believe that everyone can benefit from being attuned to this degree of Reiki. Once attuned, it allows you to channel Reiki energy to promote healing of self and others. While you are able to perform Reiki and heal others, pets, the earth etc, this degree is truly meant to be used for self healing and clearing away any imbalances and toxins from your own body preparing you to become a Reiki practitioner.(level II) There is one symbol given at this degree, it is the power symbol called Cho-Ku-Ray and is used for physical healing and more. Once attuned, it allows you to channel Reiki energy to promote healing of self and others.

Second Degree: (Reiki II) Reiki II is about "Emotional and Distant Healing". (Mind) 
While some people are happy to stay at level I, others have "The Calling to become practitioners and help heal the world emotionally and physically." 
There are two symbols given at this level, they are for emotional & distant healing of self and others.The Second degree attunement to the keys (symbols) used at this level. The student is trained to use appropriate second degree keys (symbols) which provide an increase of power from the Reiki ray for absent healing and mental and emotional healing. Some people consider this level the practitioner level, all though you can treat people at level one it is really here that you feel ready.

Third Degree: (Reiki III) Master/Teacher:The Master degree is considered the spiritual degree. (spirit) The student is attuned to the full Reiki ray, and for those guided, the path of the teacher begins to unfold. At the Master level you learn to teach and pass attunements and are able to certify your own students. Although teaching is not required, it’s encouraged for all Reiki Masters. This crazy wonderful world of ours needs all the healers it can get! 
You may laugh at the thought of yourself as a teacher (I did) but once you have reached this level you can’t wait to share the “ultimate gift” we call Reiki. Reiki Master: Is “The Divine Spark.” Sometimes called “The Inner Master Degree.” The master symbol is all about spiritual healing, it consciously connects you to the divine spark/higher self. It is at this level that you truly learn, realize and accept that Reiki can and does guide your life and that you truly have a higher and deeper purpose, your inner truth... The real you, you will become in touch with your soul/spirit allowing you to embrace your true life path.

Because the Reiki Master level is considered the spiritual level of Reiki, I teach this class as an 8 week class. 
During the 8 weeks you will learn so much about yourself as you journey through your own chakras to self-discovery! 
The class works with one chakra per week starting with the physical chakras and working up to the spiritual. 
Through your chakras, you will discover your strengths and weaknesses, how to feel when a chakra is out of balanced or closed,
 overactive, which ones need attention and much more! 
To help you grow through your own chakra system, you will be required to keep a daily chakra journal. 

Kundalini Reiki:{prerequisite Reiki III} Kundalini is the opening of certain healing channels and chakras allowing access to the Earth’s energy which is part of Universal Energy. The Kundalini energy gains access to the body at the "Root or Base Chakra." Located near the coccyx this chakra is the most dense chakra and helps us to ground and connect with the Earths energy among other things. Kundalini energy or "The Kundalini Fire,"  flows from the Root Chakra up through the bodies main chakras (root,sacral,solar plexus,heart,throat,brow & crown) via the main energy channel (hara) and out through the Crown Chakra for a complete cleansing of the chakras. There are no symbols, but there are a several attunements all given long distance except the first one which you will be given in person during class. Kundalini Reiki includes attunements for Kundalini Reiki 1-3,Diamond Reiki. Crystalline Reiki, DNA Reiki, The trauma of birth, Location Reiki+, Past life, Reiki Balance and Gold Reiki.

I enjoy the connection to earth & spirit that comes with using Kundalini Reiki, 
I find it to be very grounding & soothing for myself and my clients.
 I think it is a great addition to Usui Reiki, as well as a stand alone healing session. 

So Where Did Kundalini Reiki Come From?  
Mr. Ole Grabrielsen brought Kundalini Reiki to this earthly plane, he is a Master of Meditation inspiring many throughout the world. Mr. Grabrielsen spent endless time in Holy Communion with Master Kuthumi the Chocan of the Second Ray, also known as Koot Hoomi and K.H., who is connected to the Crown Chakra and The Temple of Love, Wisdom and Understanding. Kundalini Reiki was the primary result of this communion.