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Regression & Spiritual Hypnosis
The soul comes from without into the human body, as into a temporary abode, 
and it goes out of it anew it passes into other habitations, for the soul is immortal.
~Ralph Waldo Emerson

​Past life Regression or PLR, is a technique that uses hypnosis to recover memories from past lives or incarnations.
The technique used during past life regression involves the client answering a series of questions while hypnotized to reveal identity,events,gifts,talents etc. of the clients past life. Some questions are standard, others are unique and based on the past life itself and what the client desires from the regression. All questions should be non-leading in nature to allow the clients "PLR Memories" to come naturally, making them accurate and true memories.If, the facilitator uses leading questions it can create "False Memories," resulting in an inaccurate PLR. Even if asked.."Whats on your feet?" instead of "can you see your feet? Can you describe them?" is very leading because it is implying there is something(shoes) on the feet, can create a false memory. So, it is important to make sure to go to a creditable and trained facilitator. 

Age Regression or AG, is a technique that uses hypnosis to recover memories from your current life.
It is most often used to recall childhood memories however, it can also be used to help you remember any event at any age. 
Hypnotherapist often use "AG" to work with a witness to a crime to help them recall the event details,
and with clients that were abused as a child to help heal those memories and feelings so the client can let go, heal and move on. 
AG can also be used in non-therapeutic ways such as helping you remember where you hid that $500.00 in your house last week.  
As with PLR, the series of questions is based on the clients answers and should never be leading in anyway.
Age Regression is often used in conjunction with a past life regression by having the client first regress down 
through this life before entering into a past life.

​As A Therapeutic Tool:
When most people think of seeking a hypnotherapist for a "regression" they think of a fun past-life exploration, but using hypnotherapy to do a past-life (PLR) or age regression (AR) can also have a very profound and powerful effect on ones life. When used as a therapeutic tool regression enables you to go deep within your subconscious mind to review stored childhood or past-life memories allowing you to open consciously forgotten traumas and programming allowing them to be healed and re-framed, helping you release and heal an array of issues that that you have previously been unable to. An example of this would be pain or other symptom that conventional medicine has been unable to identify or diagnose. Even an over-eating disorder or another habit that has been addressed yet the client has been unable to change the habit by other means can be explored and possibly addressed through regression.There has been numerous reports that after going through a regression clients have been freed from pain they had experienced for years and others have been able to stop unhealthy habits, such as over eating.

Which Regression Works? It really depends on the specific details and the client. If a client was punished as a child by withholding food and now over eats, fear of not being able to eat later may be programmed in the subconscious and need reframing. (Age Regression) 
However, if the client has unexplained pain in the back of their head and neck with no injury occurring in this life, than a past-life regression would be used, in a case like this, the pain itself can be used as the guide to which life to enter.

​Top Reasons For Non-Therapeutic Regression:
Experience a PLR just for the fun of it!
Perhaps you are curious if reincarnation is real? 
Wonder why you are attracted to a specific era, race, country or city?
Maybe, you have wondered if you've ever lived before? 
If so, Where? When? Who were you? What did you do? 
Maybe you have even wondered if that reoccurring dream of a different time is real. 

Have you ever felt a deep connection with a person you just met, good or bad? This could be "soul recognition," 
or your soul knowing they were a significant person in one or more of your past lives. It is believed that we incarnate with the same group of souls, called our "soul family, soul group and/or soul mate." Consciously we do not know why we have these feelings or that we have had a past connection with these people by using PLR it is not only possible to uncover those answers but it's quite common. (during a PLR I knew instantly that my step grandson was my grandson) Discovering who people from this life were in a past life and the role they played can help you gain a better understanding of that relationship in this life, your feelings & theirs.
Why does that matter? It can be fun to "know" who's who but it can also help you resolve old karma, forgive if needed 
and maybe even heal the relationship in this life! So, if you have any relationships that needs clarity, it may be possible with a PLR you! 

Learning from the past can accelerate your "self-growth." Helping you discover your own path or purpose. 
Some people have rediscovered hidden talents and abilities, tapped into positive and empowering strengths and emotions for use in their current life through remembering and integrating those positive and uplifting experiences. As your past life unfolds you are able to see certain traits, life lessons etc that helped mold your souls journey that you have brought with you into this and other lives. In one of my daughters regressions she was a Native American warrior who battled the American soldiers, as an old man in that life she said in a sad, regret filled voice, " I will never fight again." That one small statement made so much of my daughters personality (the peace maker) in this life make perfect sense. 

Soul Contract Review:
Don't Understand your decisions? Confused about life? A relationship? Spiritual growth? 
Come in to review your soul contract for your currant incarnation to gain clarity and direction. Consciously we forget what we planned for our earth walk but our inner mirror remembers all... let it be your guide to self discovery & growth then put what you learn to use in your life for positive change.

In Between Lives: Some call the place where our souls dwell when not incarnate "Heaven","The Other World" and still others "The Spirit World." Regardless of what we call it, our souls all seem to call it home. It is the place where our souls truly are free and whole. A place where we go over and over again to heal & live while not on the earth plane. You can discover & feel the true essence of love there along with so much more.