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As a Certified Hypnotherapist I have found that many people are not sure what hypnosis is or the fantastic benefits it can have on their lives.
 In fact, there are a lot of people that base what hypnosis is and what it can/can’t do by movies they have seen such as "Shallow Hal" or “Trance.” 
To sell tickets, Hollywood portrays hypnosis as a “magical mind control system," trust me if this were true my husband would be doing a lot more cooking!
There are others who have participated in a hypno-meditation and know how wonderfully relaxed hypnosis makes them, but do not know the 
therapeutic uses and value of hypnosis or understand how it works.

What Is Hypnosis? Hypnosis is a “very relaxed state”, it is a pleasant, voluntary state of relaxed attentive concentration, an altered state of consciousness. During hypnosis the “Conscious Mind”, (the critical analytical mind) is bypassed to reach the “Subconscious Mind.”
Hypnosis is very similar to the relaxed state you’re in right before you fall asleep, but it is not sleep! In fact; unlike sleep while in hypnosis, you are “hyper-alert.” Being hyper-alert increases your awareness and heightens your senses, while in this hyper-alert state you are aware and know everything that is being done and said, even the smallest sound.  
In the movies they have shown hypnotists hypnotizing people without them being aware of it, leaving the person in a trance state, or making them do things they would never do! This is not possible, you are always in control. As a hypnotherapist I can guide you to the trance state but because we were all born with “free will” a client is 100% capable of blocking the trance state.(but you won't) Hypnosis is a partnership, the hypnotherapist and client work together to reach the clients desired goals. The client must relax and “allow” hypnosis to take place.
This is where rapport comes in. Rapport is the key to success in hypnotherapy, without that connection and trust the client will most likely not get the full benefits of hypnosis. As the hypnotherapist its my job to alleviate any/all doubts and fears that a client has and to build that trust and rapport. I offer a free consultation to help build rapport and establish a connection with the you, a.s well as answer any questions you may have. During the consult you can address any questions/concerns and decide if I am the right hypnotherapist for you. If not, than you “should” seek a different hypnotherapist, your healing is the most important thing!  
Can I get stuck in hypnosis? Can I be controlled? No, it is medically impossible to remain or get stuck in hypnosis. You are 100% in control of your own mind and can bring yourself out of hypnosis at any time you choose. If I told you to cluck like a chicken and you were a person who would go along with the joke than you would cluck, if not you would bring yourself out of hypnosis and say “hey lady what is wrong with you?”
How does hypnosis work? Hypnosis works by bypassing the critical mind which acts like a filter for your subconscious mind, only allowing what it deems important to be sent to your subconscious to be stored. Your subconscious mind is like a filing cabinet, every experience and every memory is stored there. (Even past-lives) While in hypnosis your subconscious mind opens, mental absorption is increased and your suggestibility is heightened. ”SMILE!” You smiled didn’t you? That is the power of suggestion at work and you weren’t even hypnotized! While in hypnosis a hypnotherapist gives commands like that to fit your personality and that are based on your desired goals. To your subconscious mind everything is literal and everything is important, which makes what makes it such a powerful tool for change!
The conscious mind holds only about 7 pieces of information in its short-term memory, and the sub-conscious mind stores all the knowledge you have ever acquired. Everything you have ever read, heard, thought or imagined is stored in the subconscious mind. Brain researchers estimate that the subconscious mind outweighs the conscious mind on a scale of ten million to one. Scientists now know that our conscious minds make up a mere 1-5% of conscious activities throughout our day. So, most of our decisions, actions, emotions and behavior depend on the 95-99% of brain activity that is beyond our conscious awareness. Which means 95 – 99% of our daily life comes from the memories and life event programming in our amazing, powerful subconscious mind! So, why not put yours to work for you today?  
What Can Hypnosis Do For You? Hypnotherapist help people from all walks of life with many of life’s challenges including but not limited to fears, like fear of flying/snakes, finding lost items, increase performance, smoking, weight-loss,study habits, etc. ( Hypnosis can even help with many illnesses such as IBS.) If you are unsure if you’re particular issue can be helped or have any questions call today for your free consult.

Hypnotherapy has been used for centuries to help people overcome hurdles in their daily lives,
whatever your desired changes are… it can help you!

Break Down Of The Facts
Going into a state of hypnosis is a very normal natural activity.(we do it every day watching tv driving etc)
Most people describe hypnosis as a restful state where they are still aware, in control, but very relaxed.
A person hypnotized is aware of everything the hypnotist says/does at all times.
The hypnotic subject will never forget anything, unless they choose to forget.
Persons under hypnosis will always awaken from hypnosis easily.
You cannot remain or get stuck in hypnosis. 
Persons in hypnosis will remain in control of themselves at all times.
No person can be hypnotized without their consent, cooperation and willingness.
No one can be made to do anything they are morally opposed to during hypnosis. (in fact most people appear more ethical during hypnosis)
Hypnosis is not a miraculous power.
Hypnosis merely enables your mind to access and use your own natural healing and physical abilities, 
to assist in healing or physical accomplishment.
Hypnosis allows your subconscious mind to accept positive suggestions.
Hypnotic suggestions can change or release unwanted behavior patterns.
Hypnosis can strengthen any part of your personality. 
Hypnosis actually strengthens the will and improves the powers of the mind.
​You will NOT quack like a duck, (nor will I ask you to) unless you are the class clown type of person!