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Inner Mirror Healing can help you with all your hypnotherapy needs including 
but not limited to:
Stress,Anger & Pain Management, Weight loss, IBS, Blushing, Smoking/Tobacco Cessation, Insomnia, Addiction, PTSD, Self Confidence, Habits, Addiction,
Fears (flying, public speaking, spiders)
Goal Setting, Public speaking,
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Your Healing Journey Is Our Soul Mission.
Reiki & Upcoming Events
Free Hypnotherapy Consult
In addition to the complete line of Hypnotherapy services IMH offers
Reiki Sessions, 
Reiki & Kundalini Reiki Training/Certification,
Chakra Balancing & Realignment,
Chakra Crystal/Reiki Sessions

Special Events
Group Hypno-Meditations, Metaphysical  & Spiritual Workshops, Classes, 
Reiki Shares.
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 Donna offers a friendly and professional ear and array of Hypnotherapy techniques to help you deal with your problems and reach your goals.
There is no obligation to proceed into therapy and the consultation is 
always free & confidentail. 
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The intuitive mind is a sacred gift 
& the rational mind is a faithful servant.
 We have created a society that honors
 the servant and has forgotten the gift.
~ Albert Einstein~
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